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Close Encounters with A Martian Hunk

Chapter 1

“Why would you want to visit Earth?” Professor Eric Dark asked, puzzled by his friend’s plan.

“I’m investigating a new reproductive method that combines cloning with traditional fusion of sperm and egg,” Alan Fish explained.

“Can’t you investigate that here?” Eric asked.

“Female clones on Mars don’t have eggs or wombs. You know that.”

“I’m not suggesting that. We have females from Earth who emigrated here.”

“The hypothesis of my research is to extract the fusion from the womb of an Earth woman before it develops any problems and then clone it. The clone will go through gene optimization. We will improve it genetically with telepathic ability, for example. Then the traditional embryo and the clone will be replanted into the woman’s womb for development or it could grow in a laboratory environment.”

“You want to increase our population with such an experiment?”

“Yep! Most of those who are pure clones like yourself delay cloning to reproduce offspring. Because some don't even see the need or benefit of having offspring. Besides, most Mars and Earth couples are lucky to even produce one offspring, you know, because of their genetic makeup. That’s why our population is decreasing so rapidly. As a reproductive scientist, I feel it is my duty to find a way to increase the population. If every fusion of egg and sperm is cloned, then we could possibly double the population.”

“Would Mars and Earth couples agree to such a procedure?”

“Many of them do want to – and have tried unsuccessfully to – produce offspring.”

“I wonder if it would be easier to just create a law that would require pure clones to have offspring.”

“You know that would cause political unrest. Pure clones like you have such superior thinking that they can’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.”

“I agree. So, what’s the problem with the experiment so far?”

“I have experimented with some female Earth migrants. For unknown reasons, the clones didn’t grow or attach to the wombs. And they didn’t grow in the laboratory environment either. As we only have married Earth females here, I have been wondering if the experiment would succeed with unmarried Earth females instead.”

“I think that only shows the defects of the embryos of Mars and Earth couples. They normally cannot survive on their own, nor can their clones.”

“Currently, Martians are only allowed to marry certain Earth females in terms of height, IQ and weight. If we relax the restrictions, we may be able to have more success in the reproduction of offspring among Mars and Earth couples.”

“But that will pollute the Martian gene pool!”

“Better pollute it than annihilate it.”

“Mmm, I’m not completely convinced. Also, can’t you import an unmarried female from Earth?”

“That’s against the commandments of Mars.”

“But you are doing it for the purpose of scientific investigation.”

“I’ve applied for an unmarried Earth woman but was denied. You can ask your Uncle Andrew to change the commandments. He’s the High Commander, isn’t he?”

“Yes, but he can’t do that personally. Changes to commandments require elaborate procedures. Why would you want me to go with you?”

“I suspect that I’m a deformed mixed clone. I never feel right living alone. I never like to travel alone, work alone, or eat alone. I need company.” Dark saw Alan flash a grin.

“And you like pretty females, clone and Earth ones! I wonder why you haven’t cloned for a dozen offspring already. But I’m a not a deformed mixed clone,” Dark replied, “I feel fine doing thing alone. So why would I want to go with you?”

“Because I’m your friend and I’m asking you nicely.”

“Those aren’t logical reasons…request denied.”

“Okay, well…then, because you’re an environmentalist. You can study environmental changes on Earth. Maybe the issues there will give you some inspiration to solve future problems in Mars.”

“This is a better reason. Request accepted.”


A few weeks later, the two set off to Earth in Alan’s luxurious Burntwood spaceship. He rented a parking dock in Watford, an international delegation area on Earth, for three months. They had brought 3 years of essential supplies from Mars in the space ship. Alan also brought along some Earth outerwear for himself and Eric.

Watford’s Chief Thomas Wilkinson welcomed the Martians. “Professor Dark, Mr. Fish, welcome to the reception area of the Watford Delegation. This is my wife Ruby, my eldest daughter Olivia and second eldest Sophia. Our youngest daughter is somewhere around. Here’s our neighbour Miss Zara Fish.”

“How do you do, ladies? Miss Fish? What a coincidence! We have the same surname,” Alan said, always sociable and smiling broadly.

“Exactly. Maybe we were related many decades ago.” Zara said.

“That could be true. My family’s Earth history can be traced back to 1700. We only emigrated to Mars in 2187, not like my friend Dark here. His family has been established on Mars since 2058. And he’s a pure clone too.” Dark noticed Alan pointing to him. Dark was standing a few steps away from the group. He seldom felt normal in big groups, especially among strangers.

“How exciting! I am honoured to make your acquaintance, Professor Dark,” Zara said. “You are the first long-time Martian dweller I’ve ever met,” Dark couldn't help noticing Miss Fish rushing to his side to give him an Earth greeting. He was touched on the mouth by her wet lips. He didn’t like the smell of her breath so he moved a step backward, trying hard not to raise his hand to wipe his mouth. Then he gave her a Martian greeting, touching her brow with his index finger, “How do you do, Miss Fish?”

He heard a muffled sound from the far right side of the group. Turning, he caught the dark-haired second daughter of Mr. Wilkinson trying to stifle a laugh. I wonder if she’s laughing at me or Miss Fish,

“Miss Olivia, would you like to go for a ride with me on my mini-Burntwood?” Fish asked the tall blond. Eric rolled his eyes thinking, Fish is truly deformed! He has cloning weakness for pretty females, no matter whether they’re from Mars or Earth.

“What is a mini-Burntwood?” Miss Sophia asked.

“It is a mini version of my space ship, and it’s suitable for two persons. After I take your sister for a ride, I will be happy to show you too, Miss Sophia.”

Eric walked near Alan and whispered, “Come now, Fish! She is only 162 cm in height, not tall enough according to Martian standard. Go for Miss Fish. She is 185 cm.”

Fish turned to hush him. Apparently, Eric had said spoken louder than he intended because most of the people in the group had reacted. He received a menacing glare from Sophia. Her family gasped, but Zara smiled smugly.

Fish quickly diverted everyone’s attention, though, by asking Olivia again. After he had gone off with Olivia, Eric heard Mrs. Wilkinson asked in a high-pitched voice, “Professor Dark, did you bring along your space ship too?”

“No, I came with Fish on the Burntwood.”

“Oh, so you don't have a mini to take my other daughters for a ride then?”

“No.” Dark didn’t bother to tell her that one of his assistants would soon be bringing his Clarendon to Earth.

“Professor Dark, please allow me to show you around Watford Delegation.” Dark was surprised to be pulled away from the group by Miss Fish.

“Professor Dark, I am really delighted to meet you today. As you said, I am quite tall. In fact, I’m the tallest woman in all of Watford. I’m also the richest single woman here. I finished 16 years of scientific education and have been managing my brother’s estate for nearly four years.”

Why would I want to know all that? Dark thought as he rolled his eyes, but instead replied, “Thank you for the background information.” He followed Zara around Watford, offering curt responses to her endless chatter.

Most Martian females who wanted to clone with males usually threw themselves at Dark. He was known as a pure clone from a family long established on the planet owning a large estate with a high-powered career and excellent genetics. He was tall, and his chest was broad. Female clones loved his money and were sure any offspring cloned with him would be superior in height, intelligence and other aspects as well. Occasionally, even some married Earth females would try their charms on him.

At 30, Dark didn’t like the fawning of most females. He didn’t see the need to undergo cloning for offspring, either by mixed cloning with a Martian female or by solo cloning on his own. He particularly didn’t see any benefit to having a traditional fusion with an Earth female. He had read enough to know that traditional fusion, which people on Earth called ‘lovemaking’ or ‘having sex’, was a messy endeavour. The quality of offspring produced was unpredictable, usually resulting in inferior offspring. Dark had grown immune to the tactics of Zara’s type. He simply shut down at least 80% of his receptive communication system every time she opened her mouth.

Finally, she finished the tour and brought Dark back to the group, but Fish and Olivia were nowhere to be seen.

“Sophia, you must be quick to take Professor Dark to the observatory deck! I’m sure Zara hasn’t shown him that area of Watford because she never wants the wind to mess up her hair,” Mrs. Wilkinson said in a sly tone.

On no! Not another tour! Where’s that blasted Fish? He must be enjoying himself with Olivia. Can’t Earth females leave me alone? I hate being fawned over especially by these Earth females! Dark remained silent, though, keeping his thoughts to himself. He was still embarrassed about commenting on Sophia’s height in front of everyone, so he followed her to the observatory deck without a word.

This Earth woman very different from Zara. She didn’t say a word to him. When they reached the far end of the deck, she just held onto the railing, gazed out toward the horizon, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. That piqued Dark’s curiosity. Why doesn't she sell her virtues to me like other females do? Is she still angry with me? Or is she abnormal?

She doesn't appear abnormal. She must be still angry with me.

“Miss Wilkinson…sorry…about the remark earlier…about your height,” Dark tried to maintain his ultra-cool manner. He rarely needed to apologize to anyone in his life, so he was very uncomfortable about doing so now, but he was a fair person. He wanted to make amends.

“You spoke the truth, so why apologize? I know I’m not qualified to emigrate to Mars.”

“Not unless, as Fish said, the commandments are relaxed,” Dark spoke up, somewhat surprised that he would even entertain such a thought.

“My father told me Mr. Fish was a reproduction scientist and you were an environmentalist. What do you think of our water problem here?”

Wow, another first, she’s actually interested in the environment – not in me! Dark shocked, but before he could give her an answer, a series of explosions was heard. The deck shook.

“We’re under attack!” Sophia shouted as she held out her hand to pull Dark and run. Before they could reach the gates to the Delegation area, another shot was heard and she cursed loudly.

“Were you shot?”

“Just grazed,” she said, looking down, “Nothing serious. Let’s run.”

Dark saw that the underside of her right breast was shot but she didn’t seem to be in too much pain. They continued to run towards the gate. But it didn’t open automatically.

“Damn! It’s programmed not to open when the Delegation area is under attack.”

“We are too exposed.” Dark murmured.

“Let’s go around to the back. There’s an entrance tube to slide down to the survival area.”

As they hurriedly ran around, Dark asked, “How do we open it?"

He saw Sophia unzip the top of her tight yellow body suit, yanking the zipper all down and exposing the valley between her breasts. She pulled a cross out, breaking it from the necklace, and plugged it into the matching hole in the ground. The ground moved. A circular piece of earth aside to reveal a shaft. The downward drop was not very sharp but seemed bottomless.

Sitting on the edge of the entrance tube, they pushed themselves off and began sliding down into what seemed like a black hole. Finally, their fall ended at the bottom, which was padded with spongy material. Sophia pulled Dark up to again run through a few dimly lit corridors that were blocked by more gates. At every gate, she used the cross, and it opened. Finally, they reached the survival area.

Chapter 2

The room was like a small open-area apartment. Painted bright white, it was equipped with furniture, supplies and everything needed for emergencies.

“Let’s check the computer to see who is attacking us.” Sophia sat down on a cushioned chair in front of the monitor.

“You’re bleeding. Shouldn’t you stop that first?” Dark sat down opposite her.

She looked down at herself. There was blood staining her body suit. She unzipped her tight top even further, all the way down the waist. Then she pulled the top of the body suit from her shoulder and arm and exposed her right upper body.

Dark’s eyes widened. Nudity among men and women was frowned upon on Mars. Of course, he had read about nudity and sex, but he never felt any interest when he looked at those records. Then again, he had never been close to a partially nude woman in his whole life. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her breast was full and soft. Her nipple was hard, probably due to the cold air. Blood was seeping from the underside of her breast. It was not serious, but it was not a small wound.

“Can you get me the first aid box over there?”

Dark was startled by her voice. He diverted his eyes from her breast, followed her instructions, and brought her the box. Placing it between her thighs, she opened it and pulled out a clear bottle. She unscrewed the cap, poured some liquid onto a piece of cloth, and pressed it onto the wound with her left hand. She let out a gasp, and her breast and nipple trembled slightly.

“Can you find a padding roll of gauze for me?”

Dark gulped. That meant moving closer to her and rummaging through the box between her thighs. He knelt in front of her. He dropped his gaze from her breast to her thighs – no, to the box. But as he bent his head, he could almost feel and smell her nipple. It was only inches away. He put out his trembling hands and rifled through the objects in the box. Finding the roll of gauze, he handed it to her.

“I couldn’t wrap my hands around myself. You have to do that for me.”

Dark swallowed again and said, “But you have to push the other side of your body suit down too.”

“Right, can you hold the cloth over the wound first?”

Dark felt blood rushing down his body. He put out his left hand, taking care not to graze the lovely underside of her breast and held onto the cloth. Then he watched her use her right hand to push the body suit from her left shoulder and arm. As she was struggling with the tight fabric, her breasts kept shaking right before his eyes. His jaw dropped, unconsciously ready to taste the rosy tip when she said, “Finally!”

Pulling away immediately, he raised his head and unrolled the gauze gingerly. The most difficult part was coming. He had to roll the gauze around her back. She raised her hands to facilitate his task. As his arms went to wrap around her body, his chest touched her breasts and he breathed in her aroma from the space behind her earlobe. His breathing tightened.

After wrapping the gauze around her body twice, he tied it off tightly. Before he pulled away from her, he made the mistake of looking up at her face. She held her hands up, breasts tilted, nipples hardened right before his eyes.

He let out a groan, unable to stop himself, which was rare, and wrapped one arm around her waist and lowered his mouth to taste her nipple. He licked and sucked the delicious cherry, while his other hand squeezed and plucked its twin.

“What are you doing?” she yelled, pushing his shoulders away. Dark was caught off guard and stumbled backward onto the floor. Sophia jumped up, stood with her hands on her waist, the top part of her body dangling from her waist, her naked breasts still on display for Dark’s feasting eyes.

“I thought pure male clones from Mars didn’t have human urges! What are you, a fake?”

Never in his life had Dark been questioned about his purity. He stood up to his full height and said arrogantly, “You should study harder at school, Miss Wilkinson. Pure male clones from Mars are direct descendents of men who emigrated from Earth. The only difference is we have been improved over the decades in almost all aspects of our body and mind. We are far more intelligent. We have more strength. We are taller and handsomer. We didn’t engage in sex on Mars because there was no need for it. That doesn't mean we can’t do it. In fact, my male power may be too much for an Earth female like you. ”

“What do you know about my woman power? Oh, I’m so afraid!”

“Are you saying you’re one of those free Earth females, who like to increase their woman power and knowledge by practicing with any man on Earth and any passing traveller from Space?”

“I am no such female!”

“And yet, you bare your breasts to tempt me.”

“Nudity is not frowned upon on Earth. I just need your help with the dressing, not your dirty hands on my body.”

Dark’s temper flared up another notch, “I’m a pure Martian clone! If you use ‘dirty’ to describe me again, I will…”

“You will what? Put your dirty hands on my neck and strangle me?”

Dark felt his chest explode. This Earth woman was infuriating. She was a mere Earth woman, not tall enough, not pretty enough and not smart enough, yet she piqued his curiosity and challenged him. He needed to do something.

“I will spank your ass like young children are punished on Earth.”

“Your reading is outdated, silly Martian! That practice was outlawed decades ago.”

Dark exploded. He charged near her and picked her up by the waist. She screamed and pounded his chest with her tiny fists. He sat down on the sofa and flipped her over, so her stomach was against his lap. She tried to raise her upper body and struggled to get out of his grasp. Using one hand, he held her upper body down and spanked her.

She yelped, which startled him. Dark had never used force in his life. His anger subsided immediately. He looked at the little woman on his lap. She had turned her face and was glaring at him, eyes glittering with anger, but her back was smooth and her ass was pert. Unknown desire flared through his body.


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Close Encounters with A Martian Hunk

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