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Every Savage Can Reproduce - Choose your own adventure

Chapter One

Children Are Not For Everyone
– the Genesis Department, 3818

The tall, blond man wore a dark blue X-bio space suit fitted to his masculine body. He smoothed the fabric over his chest and thighs, then pushed his invitation card into the key slot. The door slid open, and an invigorating fresh scent blossomed around him. He drew in a long, deep breath and entered Love Your Mate’s Capsule UR1.

A red haired woman turned away from the snake-shape vision pocket and acknowledged his presence, waved at a screen on the wall.

The capsule blasted off immediately.

The couple stood in silence for several minutes, gazing at each other until the horizon outside indicated that they had left Planet Earth.

Taking off her yellow i-techno space suit and the wig, the woman revealed a mass of chocolate brown curly hair under the disguise. Following her, the man took off his wig, revealing his dark, wavy hair.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Darcy,” the woman said.

“My pleasure, Miss Bennet,” Fitzwilliam Darcy replied calmly, though his emotions were in turmoil. He had been stunned to receive a secret message from Elizabeth Bennet, requesting a meeting at one of the most infamous capsules in the Planet. These illegal establishments existed solely as a way for men and women to indulge in prohibited sexual activities, away from the hounding eyes of the Military Intelligence Agency, commonly referred to as the MIA.

Darcy had first met Elizabeth through his best friend, Charles Bingley, six months prior. Since then, he had been captivated by her compassionate, intelligent and lively character. She was different from any of the women he knew, never fawning over him or praising him to the sky because of his wealth and position. But he had not acted on his desire for her, nor had he asked her out. As one of the closest relatives of the newly selected Queen Immortal, the existing ruler of Planet Earth, he had to be scrupulously careful about those with whom he associated.

He had a lot to consider, especially when it concerned someone below his class. Planet Earth had adopted rigid class system since the apocalypse that had occurred 50 years ago. Darcy’s mother came from the Noble class, the second most important social stratum in the Planet. His father came from the Gentry class, one class below. Elizabeth’s family, however, left a great deal to be desired. She was the second-eldest daughter of five. Although Mr. Bennet came from the same class as Darcy’s father, Elizabeth’s mother came from the Merchant class, yet another level below. Darcy had also witnessed the unruly behaviour of her younger sisters, which made him hesitant to associate with most of her family.

But the illicit nature of this rendezvous, and the promise of enjoying hours of this alluring woman about whom he had fantasized for months, had prompted his decision to come for today’s meeting. For once, he was willing to forget his position in society, and seize the moment.

“Won’t you have a seat?” Elizabeth said. The capsule was lit with a dim, soothing green light. A huge bed occupied one side, and a loveseat with a coffee table occupied another. There was a glass door, leading to a luxuriously furnished bathroom. One could recline on the bed and watch as the other person took a shower or bath, as the partition and bathtub were made of cloudless steel, a transparent material.

Darcy had heard that the illegal mating capsules were full of promising gadgets, including endless supplies of mechanized condoms, vibrators, food with aphrodisiac properties, performance-enhancing drugs, edible body paints and mating aides. If someone could imagine it, these capsules offered it. Projections of erotic fantasies could be ordered on demand. Even the hiring of men or women to conduct gay, lesbian or multiple-partner games was commonplace.

But Darcy was not interested in any of those. He had come purely for her.

Taking a few slow steps, he chose to sit on the loveseat.

She did not come to sit by him, but remained standing near the bed.

“I have a proposal for you,” Elizabeth said.

Darcy raised his eyebrows, and waited for her to continue.

“I want to have your baby.”

His eyes widened. She’s one hell of a hussy!

“By sperm donation,” she clarified quickly.

“What?” It was the most outrageous proposition he had encountered. Even before his aunt became the Planet’s ruler, many women had wanted to become his mistress or wife, for the money, position and power he could bring. No woman had ever come right out to ask him to father a child for her; and yet this woman wanted his sperm, but not him. Was she not interested in him as a lover, at all?

“Two months ago, I applied to the Reproduction Committee to have a baby by you, but they rejected my application, stating that the proposed father was unsuitable.”

“Unsuitable? How?” Darcy couldn’t believe it. He would have thought himself to be highly suitable, fit to father any woman’s child.

“Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins handed down the decision to me but they refused to explain further.” She grimaced. “They said that the government didn’t need to give a reason.”

“Two of the least intelligent men in the Planet! I will check into it for you.”

“There’s no need. I already know it.”

“Really? What is it?”

Her gaze darkened, and she hesitated. “Charles warned me that you’re against the Committee. Can I trust you with what I’ve found out?”

“You should have heard enough about me to know that I’m against most of the strict laws imposed by the Queen.”

“Ah yes – your aunt, the former Lady Catherine de Bourgh, now Catherine the Immortal.”

“So, what did you find out? Why was I deemed unsuitable to father your child?”

“I hacked into the Committee’s artificial intelligence centre. According to the record, you’re engaged to the Queen Immortal’s daughter. Your sperm is not to be bestowed upon any other women through the Committee.”

“But that’s absurd! I’ve never been engaged to Anne, and I’ve no intention of ever being engaged to her.”

“So you’re willing to gift your sperm to me?” Elizabeth asked, her face brightening.

He rose and paced around the capsule for a restless minute, then approached her. “Not so fast. Why did you want me to father your baby?”

She craned her neck to look up at him. Drawing a deep breath, she replied, “I am 21 years old now. I must start the process if I want to have more than one child.”

Under the new laws introduced by the Queen Immortal, women in the Gentry class could only bear children before the age of 25, and had to apply through the Reproductive Committee. In order to improve the genetic composition of the people of the Planet, women could only apply to have a child by a man they knew from their own class or higher. The autocratic Queen believed that the higher the social stratum, the better their character. There had been protests against the law but they died down soon, after some violent suppression.

“Yes, but why me?”

“You’re the most intelligent man I’ve ever known.”

Darcy thought smugly. She likes me!

“And you’re a better man than the others I’ve known so far.” She paused, bit her lip and continued, “But, to tell you the truth, I’ve been hesitating for quite a while about this.”

“Hesitating? Why?” Darcy could see no reason why any woman would fail to want him. He was the one who should be hesitant about having a baby with her.

“When you arrived at Hertfordshire, you looked down on most of us. You’re arrogant and have a selfish disdain of others. You treat people with contempt and don’t seem to care about them, if they’re from a different class. But I’m sure, with my sole influence, that my child won’t develop the same character faults that you exhibit. Still, it has taken me weeks of struggle to reach that decision and put you down on the application.”

Darcy sucked in a deep breath. “My faults are grave indeed, as you describe them! And yet you nominate me as the father of your child, without even bothering to consult me first.”

“There is no need to consult. The new law said that I could name anyone I knew. And what is it to you? You are required to have your sperm stored in the national storage facility, like all the upper-class men in the Planet. You’ll only lose a small quantity of sperms. I was quite sure you would be happy about it. If you’re anything like Catherine the Immortal, who wants to dominate and control our society, you must want to father as many children as possible, in the Planet, by farming out your genes. But after I was turned down by the Committee and learned about the reason, I knew I had been wrong about you.”

“So you admit that you are in the wrong?”

“Only that you haven’t yet bestowed your sperm upon anyone yet, through the Committee.” Elizabeth frowned and continued, “I then reconsidered other candidates. But Mr. Collins is still too stupid. Mr. Hurst is still too lazy. Bingley is from the Merchant class. He’s not allowed to have children. Anyway, Jane and he seem to have accepted their situation happily. I’ll not upset their relationship with my own quest. And Mr. Wickham is...”

“You take an eager interest in that man!”

“I do not. I only analysed the situation. But you know very well why I can’t apply for him.”

“He’s from the Working class and so, of course, he is not allowed to sire a child, either.”

Elizabeth hesitated before continuing. “He’s…In any event, after reconsidering the other candidates, I still adjudged you to be the most suitable. Since you are half Noble, half Gentry, you’re not restricted by the law, and can choose to impregnate any woman you want. That is why I sent you an invitation. And you came, so that must mean that there is a chance I can persuade you to agree to my scheme. If you don’t, I’ll have to cross you out altogether and find another man.”

Darcy’s temper flared. Cross me out? Find another man? Have a baby with another man? No! “I’m nothing like my aunt,” he corrected her firmly. “I don’t – and won’t – boost my ego by fathering enough children to fill the Planet.”

The scowl on Elizabeth’s face deepened. “So you’re going to refuse me? Damn! I’ve gone about this all the wrong way. I suppose I should have kept my mouth shut, or told you how ardently I admire and love you. But I detest any sort of dishonesty.”

“No, you wouldn’t have gotten your own way by flattering me with words, either. And I won’t donate my sperm to you. I can, however, be tempted by something else.” Darcy walked one step closer, effectively trapping her between his body and the wall. Raising his fingers, he traced a path down her cheek, neck and shoulder, then slowly over the slope of her breast “I would be happy to have a child with you, but by natural means only.”

Elizabeth’s breath became shallow and her body shivered. “But I don’t even like you!”

“Your body likes me.” His fingers turned the caress into a slow kneading of her breasts.

Elizabeth trembled under his ministrations, her legs growing weak.

He recognised her desire. “See? Your nipples welcome my caress.”

“That’s just a physical response.”

“It’s quite a good start.”

“Insemination is more scientific with a sperm donation, resulting in a higher success rate of conception,” Elizabeth argued breathlessly in a last-ditch effort to persuade him to do things her way.

“It’s more enjoyable with natural conception, and yields a higher satisfaction rate.”

“Man and his carnal lust!”

“Not just man. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re made to fit into each other. Only my aunt wishes to interfere with the Lord’s command and encourage artificial conception and other crazy laws.”

Elizabeth frowned. “We’ll do it just this one time?”

“No. We can’t guarantee that you’ll conceive in a single night, and I won’t be satisfied with just one time,” Darcy replied. “Spend three years with me. I may give you three babies, if we practise every day.”

“Three years! That’s far too long to be saddled with you.”

He glared at her. Such a shrew! But I’ve a good way to keep your mouth shut. He lowered his mouth and kissed her hard, while his hands fondled her body. After a few minutes of sucking her lips, he ended the scorching kiss and added, “Or you can cross me off your list and seek some other man.”

He walked away from her and stretched out slowly on the bed. With his hands beneath his chin, he lay on his stomach as he gazed at her with a challenging glint. Judging by her response to his initial kiss, he felt confident that she would give in to his demand.

“Arrogant man!” She moved away from the bed, swearing beneath her breath, then stopped. “How can I be certain that you wouldn’t interfere with my upbringing of the children?”

“Ah, my character faults! Are you so certain that they’re not hereditary? Do you want me to go through some psychological or medical examination first, to make sure that I won’t pass along some defective gene to our child? Or are you willing to trust your instincts, since you say that I’m the best man you’ve known so far.” He winked at her. “Your options would seem to be limited.”

Elizabeth’s eyes flashed and her fists clenched.

He continued calmly, “I can sign a contract that assures you sole custody of the children when you have fulfilled the three years’ obligation.”

She paced closer, looking down at him. “Let’s start with a one year fixed contract and a two year option,” Elizabeth proposed, her eyes narrowed in a calculated glint.


“I’ll order the capsule to go round now.”

But Darcy stopped her from waving at the console and pulled her down. When she tumbled onto him, he rolled over and trapped her underneath him.

Elizabeth panted as his hard, strong body pressed against hers. She looked hot and flustered.

“Why waste the mating capsule? Let’s start,” Darcy urged.


“Let’s make a baby, Elizabeth! I’ve heard a lot about these mating capsules. Indeed, if you had asked me to meet you at some other place, I wouldn’t have come, and you wouldn’t have had a chance to make your proposition. But now, as things stand, we’ve reached an agreement and we have a whole night here.” He smiled. “What could be better?”

Elizabeth squirmed, trying to move away from his body, but her movements only caused their bodies to rub together. “Perhaps I should order a medical check first, before we sign any contract. I wouldn’t want to catch any diseases from you.”

He laughed. “You can check me out for yourself. I assure you, I’m scrupulously clean and exceptionally fit.” He lowered his head and traced the tip of his tongue across her lips. Then he slipped his tongue into her sweet mouth, and was gratified when she returned the overture by suckling his tongue.

His hands moved to unzip her skin-tight body suit, baring her gorgeous breasts for exploration. The touch of her soft skin electrified him, leaving him sizzling hot and acutely aroused. He pushed her body suit further down, and she shifted cooperatively, helping him. His mouth left hers and followed his hands, to worship her twin peaks and her navel. When he tugged the suit completely off of her, exposing her sex to his blazing mouth and hands, he felt as if he might come at any second.

“Wait. I want to see you too,” Elizabeth whispered, hesitantly.

Darcy smiled, glad that she was coming around to his idea of love making. He let her help him unzip his body suit and push it away.

Raising her body, Elizabeth began kissing him, moving from shoulder to torso, down his abdomen to his belly button. Growing more aggressive, she pushed him down to lie on the bed, then hovered above him, her slender hands seeming to explore every part of his body.

Darcy closed his eyes, savouring her passionate response. Amid the haze of heightened sensation, he felt her urge his arms above his head, and he complied.



Opening his eyes, he found his hands handcuffed to the headboard of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Annoyance and confusion shaded toward alarm as he tried to pull himself free. The handcuffs seemed to consist of a transparent magnetic field. He couldn’t see them, but they bound his hands tightly. He couldn’t slip out of them, nor could he wrench them open.

“Sorry!” Elizabeth gave him a peck on the cheek, turned away to secure his ankles, one to each of the bedposts, despite his fierce struggling.

Darcy was spread-eagled on the bed, naked and vulnerable. He looked up at her, panting in apprehension. What does she intend to do to me?

Voting Options

1) Elizabeth does an experiment on Darcy

2) Elizabeth steals something from Darcy

3) Darcy turns the table on Elizabeth

4) Elizabeth hands Darcy to someone else


“What do you want? Release me immediately!” Darcy cried out angrily. He pulled at the invisible handcuffs with force, but they didn’t budge. He had never been placed in such a vulnerable position before, naked and trussed, at the mercy of a woman half his size.

She stood beside the bed, gazing down at him with an infuriating express of calm. “I still think my method will be easier, Mr. Darcy. We won’t need to… fake anything when we make this baby. In fact, we won’t need to see each other ever again, after this one time. I’ve brought along a medical freezer to store your sperm. You’ll only need to… umh… do it for me once.”

Elizabeth sat by him on the edge of the mattress, not bothering to gather up the body suit to cover her naked body. She was still overheated from the effort of subduing him and tying his ankles to the end of the bed. Only the element of surprise had made it possible. Without it, he would have proved too strong.

She had never touched the body of a naked man before. During the struggle, she had repeatedly found his lower body pressing to hers in a way that was too close for comfort. Flustered now, she diverted her glance to his feet instead. His toes look quite adorable! In fact, he looks extremely handsome, with or without a stitch of clothing... She gave herself a mental shake. Stop it, Lizzy! Concentrate on the matter at hand.

She shifted her weight, intending to fetch the freezer, but he began to argue. “I didn’t agree for you to take my sperm, you know. It’s a theft if you do it without my consent. Do you want me to drag you into court afterwards? Do you want our children to be born under a shadow of animosity?”

Elizabeth turned to glare at him. “You agreed to father my child. Why do you have to be so stubborn about the method?”

“Haven’t you read the research studies that assert that babies who are the result of natural conception and two-parent families are emotionally more balanced?”

“Tell that to your aunt! She banned the people of the Gentry class and below from having sex before marriage when she became the Genesis Director, twenty years ago. Now that she has become Queen Immortal, she even dictates how we can have children. I think she’s insane! And I don’t believe in those research studies you cite. Humans have used natural conception and had two-parent families for thousands of years, and you can see what that did for them! We still have emotionally unbalanced people -- people like your aunt – who think they can control the world.”

“I agree with you about my aunt. That’s why I don’t choose to be associated with her. It’s the media, the government, and even the religions that produce greedy or power-hungry people, from time to time. But, Elizabeth, I’m not like that. I’m just a normal man who wants to have an ordinary family one day.” His tone softened. “Although I haven’t thought about the timing yet, your proposition seems to fit well. You’re smart and compassionate. I saw how you took care of Jane when she was sick at Netherfield. I’m truly happy that you chose me to father your child…but I want to raise our children together. I can help you shape their character.”

She recoiled. “You? Shape their character? Didn’t I mention that you’re arrogant and unfeeling?”

“Arrogance is having pretensions to a superior importance. I didn’t think I’m pretentious at all. Is it such a crime that I believe that my heritage, my wealth and my body are things to be proud of? I didn’t speak with most of the people in Hertfordshire, but it wasn’t because I’m unfeeling. I’m just not good at conversing with people I don’t know!”

“You’re a man of sense and education. Why should you find it hard to recommend yourself to strangers?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you can teach me how, in the future.” He was pleading now. “Elizabeth, release me. We can do this amicably and naturally. Why do you want to pursue such a clinical method?”

Elizabeth was torn. Initially, she had been worried that she would need to persuade him to agree to father her child. After all, she was a nobody, with neither wealth nor connections, as compared to him. Frankly, she was surprised that he was agreeing so readily. And she was even more stunned to find that the method of conception had become the main point of contention.

She had not come with a plan to tie him up. The mating capsule was a novel venture for her. She had come onboard nearly an hour early, and had explored the place as a way to calm her nerves. That was when she had discovered the invisible magnetic handcuffs and other strange apparatus in a drawer near the headboard, by going through the mating capsule’s user manual. Caught off guard when he suddenly demanded to make the baby by having sex, she had panicked and reached for the handcuffs, tying him up to slow things down a bit. His mouth and body did such strange things to her that she wasn’t sure who she distrusted more – Darcy or herself...

Seeing that she was distracted and lost in thought, Darcy moved his right thumb to press the signet on the ring he wore on his little finger, activating the mechanism within it. Rays of stellar flare beamed down his hand to the wrist, disrupting the magnetic hold on his wrist, freeing his right arm.

Elizabeth cried out in alarm, but Darcy moved like a panther, wrapped his arm around her waist and holding her against him as he twisted to free his other hand.

Elizabeth scream again as he held her tightly against his body. She struggled, but he was bigger and stronger. Imprisoning her with his left arm, he raised his right hand and angled it so that the stellar flare opened the restraints around his ankles. With this accomplished, he deactivated the current and rolled his big body on top of her.

“What should I do with you now?” he asked slowly, his gaze dark and menacing.

Elizabeth shuddered. He did not sound exactly cold or angry when he murmured, but the eager lust she had first seen in his face was gone. What will he do with me?

She licked her dry lips. “Perhaps…perhaps we should simply forget about the whole thing, as we can’t agree on the method of conception. Please get off of me. I’ll get the capsule back to Earth and seek another candidate.”

“Let you go, when I have you naked under me? No way!” He raised her hands over her head and held them there by gathering her wrists in one of his left hand. Then he rubbed her lips with his right thumb. “Ah, but now that you have put the idea of conceiving a child into my head, I can’t be dismissed so easily.” Reaching to the side, he pulled the bedside drawer open farther and searched through the other gadgets there.

“Condom…vibrator…whip…feather… Ah, here’s what I want.” He lifted out a pair of traditional handcuffs made of metal, and turned the tables on her by cuffing her hands to the headboard.

Elizabeth squirmed and wiggled, pulling against the handcuffs as she growled angrily, “You can’t have sex with me like this. It’s non-consensual! It’s rape!”

He brushed the displaced curls from her forehead and asked, “Why are you so afraid of making love with me?”

“I am afraid of making love to any man. What woman wouldn’t be? I am from the Gentry class. Do you think me foolish, or unschooled? I have listened to the lectures from the Genesis Department. You call it ‘making love,’ but they have made it clear that it’s hard and painful work – work which the Noble men and women endure for the greater good of the Planet.”

“Rubbish from my aunt. Making love is enjoyable, so long as you are physically attracted to the partner. It is an act that connects two people most intimately.” Gently, he grazed his knuckles over her face.

Elizabeth panted. “You’ve done it many times?”

“Not too many, but enough to know it can be enjoyable. I confess that this will be my first time in a very long while. Shall I show you?” he invited, and gazed down at her.

She shook her head and tried again to struggle free. “No. I still prefer artificial insemination. Don’t force me!”

He sat up, straddling her lower body, and smiled encouragingly. “You’ll change your mind.”

Using the feather, he brushed it lightly along a path from her earlobe to her cheekbone, then along her tense jaw and down to her slender neck. His mouth and tongue followed, sensitizing her skin. Next, he lowered the feather to her glorious breasts, toying with her nipples, stroking and teasing them until they gathered and hardened in response. His tongue twirled around each peak in turn, dampening the aureoles, which turned a deep red.

The feather slid lower along Elizabeth’s abdomen and lingered at her navel, as his mouth progressed from licking to suckling the nipples, as if trying to drink the juice from each delicious cherry peak. He rubbed his lower body and rampant arousal against her hips and her sex, grinding against her smooth skin and her crisp bush, tempting her to relax the muscles of her legs.

Elizabeth gasped at the electrifying sensations created by his tongue, mouth and body, and by the wicked feather. She hadn’t known she could feel such incredible things in so many places in her body. His touch warmed her blood and invigorated her cells, making her want to jump up and dance with joy. She moaned and arched her body, closing her eyes to savour his stroking. Her muscles trembled and shivered.

Darcy lowered his body further. He had one of her legs imprisoned still as he kissed her belly button, then flicked the feather lower, to her apex. He used his other hand to part her legs more widely. The feather tickled at her secret lips, tracing the line where they joined, lightly at first, soon with more insistence.

The soft touch sent shock waves through her body. She screamed in startled ecstasy, and her body jerked in response, bucking sharply against his abdomen in the process.

He drew in a deep breath and said, “Such a tigress!” Tossing the feather aside, he grasped her free leg, pushing it wider still, and lowered his mouth to kiss her folds. He nipped and licked her secret lips, and was gratified to find her drenched with juice. Giving her no time to recoil, he suckled her fervently, whirling her into a dark vortex of desire.

The taste of her moist skin was intoxicating, and her womanly scent taunted him. He was like an addict who couldn’t get enough of her essence. When he thrust his tongue into her entrance, she cried out loud and reached climax instantly, her muscles convulsing and contracting for a long, writhing minute. Afterwards, she went limp.

He gazed down at her porcelain body, which was now glowing crimson. Elizabeth was panting hard, her eyes half closed, her pretty mouth half-open. He wanted to thrust into her core, there and then, and bring her to another climax…but he hesitated.

If I have sex with her now and make her pregnant, will she disappear with my child? Should I wait until we have signed a contract? Or should I make her mine now, addicting her to my love-making before I give her a child? Would it be morally manipulative to attempt to use my sexual power to tie her to me? Nonsense. It is simply sensible, given that she was perfectly prepared to steal my sperm while I was handcuffed.

His mind was made up. Raising his body, he rolled a condom onto his hard shaft, and unlocked the handcuffs. Elizabeth lay lax in the aftermath of her climax, letting him do whatever he wanted. He settled over her and stroked her breasts, toying with her nipples as he began to press gently, rhythmically against her apex. Soon, he felt her body begin to rouse and response to the seductive pressure. She entwined her arms around his body, caressing his back, smoothing her fingertips up and down his spine as she returned his kiss with increasing passion. Her legs parted instinctively to allow him to settle more naturally between her. She squeezed and relaxed her thighs again and again, clearly enjoying the contact with his body.

He ended a sizzling kiss and drew back just far enough to whisper softly, “Do you want me, Elizabeth?”

She turned her mouth to seek his lips and said, “Don’t stop!”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes, I want you. Don’t stop.”

Darcy smiled triumphantly and guided her legs up to wrap around his waist. Positioning his manhood, he began to push against her tight entrance, slowly, lingeringly, inexorably. Inch by inch, he parted her grasping muscles…until he reached an unexpected barrier. Her maidenhead.

“Dear God. You’re still a virgin?” He stopped his movement and drew in several deep breaths.

“Of course. I’m from the Gentry class. We are not allowed to have sex.”

“But many people break that law. I thought…” He panted, trying to control himself. “I should stop now.”

“No!” Her arms tightened around him. “Don’t stop. I want you!” She wanted to taste that incredible feeling of ecstasy again. If she was going to defy government law and had this man’s baby illegally, she might as well enjoy it.


Desperate to prevent him, she grabbed his buttocks and tried to pull him down onto her body.

Her tiny hands on the cheeks of his buttocks, and the prick of her nails as they gripped his vulnerable flesh, shattered his control. He thrust into her with force, to the hilt.

Elizabeth cried out in a piercing scream.

Darcy stopped to savour the movement, then lowered his head to kiss her damp forehead. “Just breathe, Elizabeth. It’ll get better, once your body get used to me.”

A solitary tear rolled down her cheek. “It’s true.”

“What’s true?”

“What they told us. It really is hard work that needs to be endured,” she said accusingly, her lower lip trembling as unshed tears shone in her eyes.

He kissed her gently and said, “Trust me. It’s not hard work. Soon, you will feel the same ecstasy you experienced before.”

Soon he started thrusting, at a snail’s pace at first, allowing her untried muscles to accustom themselves to his thick cock.

Elizabeth still found it painful, like being torn apart by him. But she wanted to relish the same feeling she had felt when he kissed her sex. Bravely, she responded by arching her body up to greet him, thrust by thrust. Before long, she felt less pain, and then the first stirrings of pleasure.

Her responsive movements urged him on. He pushed into her again and again. The sound of their moaning, and the meshing of the bodies, created a mating melody inside the capsule. They climbed higher and higher together, until they reached their peak, convulsed and cried out, bursting into flame in unison.

After a long while, Darcy withdrew from Elizabeth’s warm body, disposed of the condom, and drew her lax body to sprawl on top of him. He caressed her hips and whispered sweet words into her ear…

Suddenly, their tranquillity was interrupted.

The capsule shook, rousing them from the lethargy of their lovemaking.

“What is it?” Elizabeth raised her head, looking around in alarm.

Darcy turned to the vision pocket. Outside, it was still dark, and the stars shone brightly. “I’m not sure.”

Another tremor occurred, sharper this time. Darcy sprung up from the bed and stood in front of the vision pocket, while Elizabeth waved at the console.

“Damn, we’re being attacked!” Darcy exclaimed. The capsule, continuing to shake, began to move at a faster speed, zigging and zagging. Darcy and Elizabeth hurried to don their body suits.

“Does this capsule have a protective shield?” he asked.

“Let me check.” She touched the screen on the wall. “It’s on already.”

“What’s the emergency plan? Can they beam us back to Earth?” He moved to stand next to Elizabeth, looking at the console.

“There’s no beaming facility in the capsule. They didn’t want the government to hack into the system and beam up agents. It only has an automatic firearm-avoidance device and a radar cruise control. It’s taking us to the nearest safe planet,” she said.

“Does it show who’s hot on our tail?”

She checked the screen. “It’s one of the spaceships from the MIA!”

“Military Intelligence Agency? Damn. Are there any weapons onboard the capsule?”

“There are all sorts of strange items in the drawers by the headboard and here. But I don’t think they’re weapons.”

Darcy went through all the items. “Whips, chains and belts. Useless mating aides. No real firearm.”

Abruptly, a blast struck the console, and the computer system read-out darkened. The capsule dropped attitude dramatically. Darcy grabbed Elizabeth by the waist and rolled with her to the floor, where he held onto the leg of the bed.

Voting Options

1) Military Intelligence Agency’s (MIA) spaceship captures the capsule and Darcy and Lizzy are arrested

2) The capsule crashes onto an unknown planet and Darcy and Lizzy are captured by its occupants

3) Darcy and Lizzy escape the pursuit of the MIA’s spaceship and return safely to Earth

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