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Chemical Fusion

Chapter One

“Have some more, Adonis” The naked young woman in red hair refilled the tall blond man’s glass and smoothed her hand over his broad nude torso.

“Bitch, you serve the best brandy.” he mumbled while he took another gulp of the drink.

“What’s the exclusive you’ve for me?” she purred.

“Dark’s ready to get hitched.” He wrapped his arm around her waist while the other hand pinched her nipple.

She smacked his hands away and squeezed his cock hard. “That’s not an exclusive at all. Rich man like Nathan Dark wants a wife and mistresses.”

“Ouch! Don’t hurt my Magic Stick, or you’ll have no gossip from Dark Inventions at all in the future.”

She batted her eyelashes and whispered. “Give me something better, and I’ll kiss your Energizer Bunny.”

He pulled her head down onto his cock. She kissed him once and said, “Spill!”

“I'd love to spill inside your mouth.”

“Not until I’ve got my exclusive!”

“I don’t know why you’re so interested in that nutty chemist. He’s going to advertise for some female assistants. He said it would be positive affirmative action for the company to hire more female workers, and he wants to choose a wife from among the pretty candidates.”

“He’s real nutty! How many female chemistry students are pretty? Most of them wear thick glasses and are five stone overweight.”

“I wouldn’t say so. I’ve shag many sexy hot chicks from the chemistry department when I was younger.”

“Why doesn’t he go to a club or ask someone to introduce him?”

“You know he has a theory for everything. He wanted to finish his Ph.D at 21, made his first commercial invention at 22, etc etc and 30 is the time he’s to have another milestone in his life. I quote, ‘I absolutely refuse to discuss fashion or any topic that’s not chemistry over the dinner table.’ he’ll think about reciting the periodic table when he’s screwing his assistant.”

“Damn! That rules me out.” she said with a growl.

“You never had a chance. Your IQ is not high enough. Anyway, why would you want to shag him when you’ve me? My baton can twirl. Didn’t I tell you he’s absolutely clueless?”

“Are you joking? Do you mean he’s still…?”

“Yep, as far as I know! To quote him, ‘I’ve no time for such frivolous acts at the moment. I’ve it scheduled for when I’m 30 years old. I’ll catch up on lost time then.’ Now, can we forget about Dark? My Magic Stick is waiting.”

“I’m thinking of the headline for my article, ‘Virginal billionaire recluse advertises for a nutty wife.’”

“Who cares?” He pulled her head down to his cock again and this time, she complied and started to lick and suck him hard. He moaned out loud as he climaxed in her mouth.


“Girls! Have you read the news?” Mrs. Dorothy Young screamed as she burst into the sitting room, waving a tabloid.

“I’m sure you’ll tell us,” Elissa, second of the Young sisters, said without raising her eyes from the book she was reading.

“The new company outside Teddington, Dark Inventions is looking for female workers.”

“Mom, what does that got to do with me? I wouldn’t want to work in such a smelly place.” Lily, the youngest, said as she popped another chip into her mouth.

“Lily, you must go and apply for a part-time job there. Since your bloody father cleared out my account and left you all four of you with me, I’ve been planning for this day, to have all of you married and out of my hair. The paper said the billionaire CEO Nathan Dark is using the job application exercise as an excuse to find a wife.”

“Is he nuts? Why does he need to do that? Can’t he get a girlfriend the normal way?” Lily laughed.

Mrs. Young replied, “Yeah, I think he’s nuts too, but he’s super rich. So all of you must go. The paper said he’s still a virgin. He’s a due date for all the major events in his life, and he wants to get married by 30.”

“A 30 year-old virgin? Who wrote such a piece of shit?” Kate, the third sister, asked.

Lily shook her head and said, “A 30 year-old virgin! I wouldn’t give him the time of my life. His cock’s probably exceptionally small.” She raised her little finger and show its size.

Kate giggled, “Or he’ll disgrace himself in 10 seconds flat when he looks at my 36D.”

“You’re sooo not 36D!” Lily laughed and stuck out her tongue. “I’m the one with huge melons.”

“Liar, you use a push up! Elissa has the biggest boobs.” Kate and Lily followed each other in fashion. Their hair was dyed red and they both wore very low cut tight T-shirt.

“Elissa is so old! And she wears baggy stuff all the time. Her melons will sag in a year.”

“No one can fight the laws of gravity.” Elissa shrugged and answered philosophically.

Mrs. Young broke up the argument, “Quiet girls! I can’t let you girls miss this chance. His company is among the top 10 in the world. He has a number of private jets, offices and homes all over the world. Imagine you get to use all of them! And the beauty is, this nut is a probably a recluse, so you can travel around the world and wine and dine while he works in his smelly laboratory.”

“But I’ll have to sleep with him; a nut who doesn’t know how to fire his piston,” Lily whined.

“Just shut your eyes and imagine him as Justin Bieber. We don’t need a man to have an orgasm. All of you will go for the job application, including you, Elissa!” Mrs. Young added.


After days of ranting, Mrs. Young finally got all her daughters to go for the interview. The four Young sisters were split up by the receptionists. Elissa, a fresh graduate working part-time as a tutor at the Institute of Bioengineering in Brunel University, was taken to the technical section. Joanna, the eldest and prettiest, Kate and Lily who all worked in the local newspaper were taken to the administration section.

Once Elissa was out of sight of her mother, she found a bathroom to change from the trashy clothes her mom insisted her to wear.

“Damn!” Elissa scowled. She just took off the low cut silk top when a drop of liquid dripped from the ceiling on to the snowy white lacy bra. “Yuck, looks like oil compound. I thought this was a multimillion dollar company. The ceiling still sucks. Mom would give me an earful.” The raunchy bra was bought by her mom, and she said it cost a fortune. Elissa unclipped the bra. She just had to go without. Luckily the T-shirt and jeans she brought was baggy.

When she came out of the toilet, she was lost, and could not find the room she was supposed to go to for the interview. As she wandered along the corridor, she came upon a deserted laboratory. The equipment inside looked top notch. That drew her attention. She examined the test tubes, electrodes, particle counters etc with keen interest.

Then she saw a bottle of ammonia and thought about her bra. She pulled it out from the bag and laid it on the counter. She opened the bottle and pushed the cotton stick in. Before she could dap some onto the bra, someone startled her.

“What the hell are you doing here?” A tall man wearing a casual t-shirt and sport trousers with a white lab coat walked in. He folded arms and scowled at her.

“Removing oil with ammonia.”

The man came closer and saw the raunchy lacy bra on the counter. His eyes widened. He scanned the bra for 30 seconds and then turned his gaze to her baggy shirt. “It doesn’t look like it belongs to you.” He commented.

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Lace bra, polyester shirt and cotton trousers, 100% unmatched.”

“You got the wrong assumption.” Elissa ignored him and dapped the stain with ammonia.

“You can’t wait till you go home and use a stain remover? This is an expensive bottle of ultra concentrated ammonia. I don’t like employees wasting the company’s resources.”

Stingy man! Is he a supervisor in this section? Elissa retorted, “This is an expensive bra. And I got the oil stain from your leaking toilet down the corridor. I guess I’m entitled to some compensation.”

“Ammonia may be too strong for lace. You want to ruin the bra completely and sue for more money?”

“Great idea! Especially since I’m not on the company payroll yet.”

“You’re one of those crazy job applicants?”

“I’m absolutely sane. You can’t expect some women not to respond to such crazy news.”

“Our PR agency has already put out a rebuttal in the papers. And the management is trying to find out who leaked the information.”

“Anyway, I only came here under duress.”

“Who forced you?”

“Mom wanted us to hook onto the rich virginal Nathan Dark.”


“I’ve three sisters.”

“But you didn’t dress the part.”

“You got it wrong. Mom bought the low cut silk top and leather mini-skirt to go with this lacy thing. I just don’t think I want to be given a job because I show my flesh.”

The man grinned and said smugly, “See, I’m right about the chemical reaction. The ammonia made a hole in your expensive bra.”

Elissa turned her attention back to the bra. “Shit! Mom will kill me.” The hole was very strategic in the right hand cup of the garment.

“It kind of looks sexier after your… experimental procedure.”

“Damn! I'll probably miss the interview, and I trashed mom’s bra too.”

“Your mom wears 36D?”

She gave him a glare and stuffed the bra into her bag. “How do you know that’s a 36D?”

“Observation. All is not lost yet. Don’t you want to change into your flashy gear and come in for an interview?” He motioned for her to go into another room inside the lab.

“You conduct the interviews? Who are you?”

“The one and only rich virginal Nathan Dark.” He replied sarcastically.

Elissa looked him up and down sceptically. “You don’t look like a 30 year-old virgin. You look more like a man with questionable morals. You asked me to change back to that next to nothing getup for the interview.”

“You can test me out if you don’t believe me.”

“Dream on! I wouldn’t sleep with you if you made me the CEO.”

“I mean you can ask me some work related questions.”

“Now you’re talking my language.” Elissa then launched into a torrid of questions about his inventions. Unknown to her mother, although she hadn’t seen Dark’s photograph before, she had read about his academic and scientific achievements long ago. She thought he was one of the greatest scientists in the 21st century, but there were a few things upon which she didn’t quite agree. She took this opportunity and asked him to explain his research.

By the time her phone rang with her mother demanding to know where she was, Dark was deeply attracted by her intelligence and offered her a full time job as his assistant. She was smarter and more knowledgeable then the 10 short listed candidates he interviewed earlier. She didn’t use her looks or body to “sell” to him. He found her very pretty, and her body alluring, especially as he knew she was braless under the shapeless shirt.

“Thank you, Mr. Dark. See you in a month.”

As a child prodigy, he was extremely confident with his decisions in life. Elissa Young was the one for him. He would have to think of some special late night research to conduct with her.

I’ve a lot of time to catch up. He grinned.

Chapter Two

“Nathan, how did your team do with this quarter’s milestones?” Ryan Freeman asked his cousin. He was the chair of the meeting. He did not look as handsome as Dark but his blond hair made him look youthful.

Dark dragged his eyes from Elissa and brought his mind back from his daydream and murmured, “Not good.”

“Can you quantify what constitutes ‘not good’?” Ryan persisted.

“I think our great prodigy is having one of his foul moods. He’s more interested in doing,” Geoff Wood, the charming manager from Human Resources, turned his head toward Elissa and said sarcastically, “…you know what, than doing research.”

Wood looked like an Italian model, with glorious tan all over his body and a wonderful smile. But his innuendo and Dark’s intense gaze brought a deep blush on Elissa’s face.

Noticing that Dark was giving Wood an angry glare and not responding to Ryan, Elissa replied, “Chairman, we have moved past stage 2 of the research, but we’re stuck at experiment 3.2. The two substances did not react the way we thought.”

Ryan looked at his work plan and commented, “Experiment 3.2, Nathan, you’re way behind schedule. What actions have you planned to rectify the situation?”

Dark shrugged and continued to remain silent. Elissa gave him an exasperated look and continued, “Our team will be working overtime for the next three weeks to conduct more tests. We may need to vary the catalysts used.”

Cameron Baker, the head of public relations and a blond puppy-like man, jumped in, “HR informed me you’ve recruited Bill Cox. He’s got quite a reputation in this field and could help with the research. Ryan, I’m sure they will go past stage 3 soon.”

Dark was startled by the news. “What? Who hired that piece of shit?”

“Dark! Joanna is taking the minutes, and there are other ladies in the room. Can you mind your language?” Baker said.

“Was it you, Wood? Did you use your brain? Bill Cox is the greatest pain in the ass in this century. Everywhere he goes, he leaves behind a mess in the research, and then he turns and sues his former employers for every penny.”

“Hey, I didn’t do anything,” Wood put up his hands. “I may be the Director of Human Resources here, but you know I don’t have much authority.”

Dark said angrily, “You don’t do much, except ogle, flirt with and harass all the female employees.”

Wood retorted, “That’s pure slander! As if I need to harass them. Women come to me like bees over honey. What am I supposed to do? I’m not like you, a 30 year-old virgin, pining for a piece of action every minute.”

“Your mouth needs to be cleaned with ammonia!” Dark jumped up from his chair and tried to cross over the conference table to grab Wood’s shirt.

“Enough!” Ryan yelled, “I hired Bill Cox on Aunt Harris’s insistence. I won’t assign him to your team if you’re so against him.”

“Shit!” Dark swore, “Bloody useless cousin! Fucking interfering aunt!

The women looked at each other. They had never seen Dark like this before. Although not extremely sociable, he was still polite, quiet, reserved and always minded his own business.

“Ladies, don’t be alarmed. Our genius is renowned for his mood swings. He likes to swear and do dirty deeds when he can’t get his own way.” Wood said, putting oil on the fire.

Dark glared at him, collected his files in a rush and left the meeting with a big slam of the door.

The men shrugged and closed the meeting quickly. Before Elissa left the conference room, her sister reminded her, “Remember mother wants to take us to shopping tonight for the Annual Chemistry Symposium. 7.30 pm outside Oxford Street station.”

Elissa groaned at the reminder. She wanted to kill Lily who had somehow got a job as a receptionist at Dark Inventions. The company would host the ACS this Saturday at its conference centre. Although Lily wouldn’t be attending, she was assigned to do the meet-and-greet duty. Joanna and Elissa would be attending in their respective roles: Joanna as the assistant PR manager and Elissa as Dark’s research assistant.

Her mother believed Dark liked Elissa, otherwise he wouldn’t have offered her such a prestigious and high paying job. She had matched Joanna and Lily with Baker and Ryan, and had planned the daily wardrobe for each of her three daughters. Unknown to her, Elissa saved all her school clothes and changed at the office after she arrived. Luckily Elissa didn’t see Lily at all at work. Her younger sister was her mother’s favourite, and would blow Elissa’s cover if she knew about it. Joanna and Carmen were sworn to secrecy about Elissa’s defiance.

But she didn’t own any decent evening gown from her student days. Elissa had to buy a more conservative evening outfit to replace the trashy gear her mother would surely force her to buy. She would be working for the next few nights and wouldn’t have time to shop on Saturday. I hate shopping with mom! I wish I could save enough money and move out soon. Then she won’t be able to mess with my clothes or whom I want to go out with.


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Chemical Fusion

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