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Amateur Erotica

What if Mr. Darcy was a difficult boss?

Bloody arrogant pig! Elizabeth Bennet swore under her breath and saw her boss of six months walk out of the office.

Mr. William Darcy is the most arrogant jerk in the universe! she swore again.

He had demolished her hard work of an entire week in just a few minutes, criticising the design as ‘dull’ and ‘boring’.

It’s now nine o’clock in the evening, and she vowed not to waste another second slaving for him.

On the deserted office floor, she knew the best way to vent her anger. She called up her story folder, typed in the password and started writing.

Who does he think he is? W.D knows nothing about me. I confess I’ve feasted on the sight of him, time and time again. His physique is that of the ideal male model: six feet four inches, broad shoulders with hard biceps. His bottom is perfect and his thighs muscular. The curly hair on his chest goes wonderfully with his perpetual tan. His unruly hair begs to be ruffled. His eyes are dark and intense, and his lip begs to be passionately kissed.

He told a friend that I was a prim and proper spinster, a dull and boring secretary who did his bidding well enough, but that he wouldn’t take me out to a function. I might blend so well with the white wallpaper that people would bump into me without even noticing.

I’ve had enough of his vicious tongue. I’ve planned my revenge. This is the big day. He has instructed me to stay behind to work on an urgent project.

I’ll let him see just how prim and proper I’m—not! Since I’m only five feet two inches in height, there’s no chance for me to succeed with this revenge unless I use drugs, so I went to the pharmacy and bought a packet of travel sleeping pills.

It’s near eight o’clock, and the office is deserted. He asked for coffee to be brought in. “Immediately!” He used his clipped tone, as usual. I cut one pill open and put a quarter of it into his coffee cup. I don’t want him to be unconscious for too long. I made the coffee the way he likes it, then stirred it frantically.

When I brought it in, I waited for him to drink it all while I kept busy around the files near the corner of his office. After a few minutes, I could see his eyelids slowly closing. I couldn’t suppress the smile on my face. I danced out of his office and went to my desk to retrieve my bag.

Then I walked back into his office, locked the door and pulled him down from his chair onto the floor, ever so carefully. I didn’t want to injure him. He needs to be somewhat conscious when I deliver my revenge.

I took out the ropes from my bag and tied his ankles to the legs of the desk. Then I raised his hands above his head and tied them to the legs of the couch nearby.

Now that I had him positioned as I wanted, I took out a pair of scissors to cut up his Armani suit jacket and trousers, and the Ralph Lauren’s shirt. You needn’t be alarmed. I’m not a psychotic woman. I wouldn’t use the scissors on W.D’s cock or his beautiful body. But I enjoyed every minute of shredding those hateful clothes which made him look like a Greek god every day.

By the time I had him down to his underwear, he was starting to wake up. I could see his sinfully long eyelashes batting. Then his eyes opened and he looked groggily around.

He tried to move his legs and then his hands.

He raised his head and had a look at his body.

“What the fuck are you doing? Untie me immediately!”

“You’ll only hurt your wrists if you pull like that again,” I said sweetly.

“Then untie me this instant, Beth!”

“Not until after I’ve my revenge.”

“What revenge?”

“You told Binkley that I’m too prim and proper, dull and boring.”

“You are! Look at your clothes. You’re buttoned up to the neck, black on black, without even a necklace or earrings to break the monotony.”

“You’d better shut up.” I held up the scissors and smiled at him menacingly.

He clamped his mouth shut and looked at me with the first trace of fear.

My heart laughed but kept my face expressionless. He didn’t know that I only intended to cut off his remaining underwear.

I knelt down besides him and did just that. Hmm, he really is like a Greek god, very well endowed. I had only ever been with a couple partners before, and W.D. from this angle looks huge, even though he’s not aroused at the moment.

Then I stood up. Put the scissors away and started to undress myself. I did it slowly, intending to tantalise him.

First, I shrugged off my serviceable jacket. Then I hooked a finger on its collar, walked near him, swayed it along his chest and circled it around his cock.

Ah, he loved the caress. His arousal sprang up immediately.

I tossed away the jacket and took off my shoes. Then I started unbuttoning my black shirt, starting at the neck, while I used one of my bare feet to trace a line along his thigh.

I could see the vein on his leg pulsing, and his shaft grew larger.

When I took off the shirt and revealed the leather-laced corset underneath it, his eyes nearly popped out.

I moistened my lips. “Do I look prim and proper now?” I asked in a sultry voice.

“Take off your skirt and I’ll let you know.” That was his coarse reply.

“Arrogant pig!” My eyes flashed with anger, and I used my toe to stroke his balls.

He gasped and panted.

I didn’t obey his order but unlaced the corset instead. Once it was off, I started fondling my breasts seductively.

His gaze followed every movement of my hands. He swallowed hard, and his cock stood up even straighter.

Only then did I unzip my skirt, wiggle my butt and let it pool at my ankles.

His pupils dilated and his hands balled into fists upon seeing me with garter belt and stockings only.

“Yes, I never bother with underpants.” I took the pin from my hair and shook my unruly mane to life. Then I walked near him, stepped over him with my right foot, and slowly lowered my body to sit on him.

He raised his head as my breasts neared, clearly wanting to taste my nipples.

I straightened slightly, not allowing him to lick them.

“Do you like the feel of my stockings?” I rocked my body forward and backward, letting him feel the texture of my stockings.

“Your pussy feels better than the polyester.”


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