Chemical - NC-17
Duress - NC-17
Erotica - NC-17
Eurovision - NC-17
Room 69
Sacrifice - NC-17
Misconception - NC-17
Record Breaking


What if Mr. Darcy wanted an heir?

“Fuck you!” Elizabeth swore aloud at the tall man inches away from her.

“I believe I will,” Darcy said quietly, before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her to his body. Lowering his head, he fitted his lips to hers, sucking hard, taking Elizabeth completely by surprise.

His passionate kiss quickly turned her to jelly. Her raised hands, which had originally aimed to strike his chest, ended up caressing his broad shoulders instead. When his tongue invaded her mouth with insistent thrusts, blood drained from her head and rioted through her body as aroused wetness pooled at her apex.

She couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t think.

She leaned against the wall for support.

Then she heard a tearing sound, and felt his strong hands squeezing her butt. His hands were firm and hot against her cool, soft muscles.

Where had the coolness come from?

As he continued to kiss her senseless, she suddenly understood what the tearing sound was. He had ripped off her panties and was now fondling her bottom. Her naked bottom!

Her hands dug into his masculine back as she shivered under his ministrations.

Then his fingers traced a path through her curls, rubbing the wet folds, hard and fast.

She trembled, once, twice, again.

When he slipped two fingers into her entrance, she moaned out loud and scratched her nails over his back.

In and out, his fingers brought her to new heights. Coupled with his relentless kiss on her mouth, minutes by minutes, she was veering closer and closer to her climax.

Suddenly, he withdrew his fingers. She felt a tremendous loss, for a second. Then Darcy shoved his huge cock into her.

She didn’t know when he had lowered his trousers. All she knew was that his thick shaft felt incredible as it invaded her tight muscles.

Inch by inch, he thrust inward, soon becoming impatient with the progress. Leaving her mouth for a moment, he groaned aloud before impaling her to the hilt with one mighty thrust.

Elizabeth gasped for air and bit into his shoulder.

After grinding his hips for a second, he began withdrawing and advancing. His thrusting was mad and wild. Like a machine, he pounded into her on and on, again and again. She was nailed and banged against the wall for what seemed like eternity. Their movements were so violent that a photo at the other end of the wall fell to the floor and broke into pieces.

In response, she was tore and bit at him -- his hair, his neck, his back – leaving love marks everywhere. Then, as suddenly as he had started screwing her, they both reached the edge and tumbled over. They trembled and convulsed together as his hot seed filled her core.

“Now, you’re mine,” Darcy murmured breathlessly. “Forever!”

“Dream on!” Elizabeth unwounded her legs from his waist, pushed him away, and made her wobbly way across the floor.

He let her move away, leaning himself against the wall, catching his breath. “You did say that this week was your optimal time…and that you’re not taking the pill.”

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