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Record Breaking

For Record-Breaking Sake

This is dedicated to Sammy . Her chosen word was “mid-life crisis”. Hope you all like it and give me some comments.

“William, what are you doing?” Elizabeth asked her husband.

“I want you.”



“But it will be our ninth time.”


“That will break our all time record!”

“That’s my aim.”

“What? Are you sick?” She pushed him back on the bed and put her hand on his forehead.

Darcy covered his eyes with his hand and murmured, “Sorry, my love. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis. Samantha has just turned 22 and moved out. I am worried that you don’t find me as handsome as before. I will turn 50 soon, you know.”

Elizabeth pushed his hand gently away, took his face in her hands and said, “William, you are the handsomest, sexist and greatest man I have ever known. I feel truly blessed that you love me and have four beautiful children with me. And you are as virile as you were at 28. You don’t need to prove anything.”

Her soft words soothed his vulnerable soul. He hugged her tight and drifted off to the sleep. By dawn, he woke up fresh and demanded her attention twice again, purely because he couldn’t keep his hands from her, not for record-breaking sake.

The End

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